Blockchain Partners specialises in Blockchain education – ranging from basic Blockchain 101 to Advanced Blockchain and Blockchain for Developers. We also run courses for private individuals and other groups. 

Dr. Seberino provides an eight hour comprehensive introduction to blockchain technology.  This class can be delivered on site in person or online:

Live In Person On Site Classes (8 hours over 1 or 2 days)  – $4000 plus hotel and travel expenses

Online – $249 per person with a minimum of 10 people and maximum of 50 per class

Alternatively – $1500 for personal one person online class.

The following is an outline of the workshop:


  • Definition Including Permissioned & Permissionless Blockchains
  • Applications To Several Industries & Anti-Use Cases
  • Technical Details Including Transactions, Blocks, Chains, Proof Of Work & Mining
  • Examples


  • Definition & History
  • Relation To Money & Fundamentals Of Money
  • Applications
  • Examples Including Alternatives


  • Definition & Major Use Cases
  • Hashes Including SHA3 & Keccek256,
  • Private & Public Keys Including ECDSA & RSA
  • Examples

Smart Contracts

  • Definition Including History
  • Applications & Dapps
  • Solidity
  • Examples


  • Definition & History
  • Technical Details Including Blockchain, Ether, Gas & Smart Contracts
  • Applications Including Swarm, Whisper & Oracles
  • Examples


  • Definition & History
  • Fabric, Sawtooth & Iroha Blockchains
  • Applications Including Burrow, Indy, Quilt, Cello & Composer
  • Examples


  • Security Concerns Including Hardware Wallets & 51% Attacks
  • Quantum Computers
  • Writing Secure Smart Contracts
  • Examples

The Future

  • Legal Issues & Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs)
  • Governance Issues
  • Scalability Issues & Internet Of Things
  • Examples


“Clear explanation with good analogy to things we understand”

“As someone that doesn’t know blockchain this was a great starting point”

“He gave (a)lot of examples and stories. His explanation was simple”

“Just the right amount of information, I was not bored and thinking about theories was fun!”

” I was able to meet quite a few people through the applications and they were good activities.”

” They brought in many aspects of Blockchain very nicely, Definitely very enlightening.”


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Richard Kastelein FRSA

Blockchain Publisher, Editor, Speaker, Startup Expert, Analyst, Writer, Event Designer, Hackathon Organiser, Hacktivist, Full Stack Marketer, Creative Technologist, Strategist, Social & Guerrilla Marketer, ICOs, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin


Christian Seberino Ph.D.

Ex-NSA Cryptographer, University Professor, Government, Academia, Entrepreneurship projects,  Freelancing, Blockchain, Ethereum, Solidity & Serpent, AltCoins, Voting,  Wallets Including Mist, Smart Contracts, Hyperledger, Bitcoin


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