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Former NSA affiliated cryptographer and professor, Dr. Christian Seberino and Richard Kastelein, Blockchain News Publisher and author of more than 2000 articles on Blockchain technology, have been successfully providing three different levels of four-hour, live, remote, online courses at the corporate level to management, sales and technology staff working for Oracle, the world’s second-largest software company.

Oracle is considered a ‘founding father’ of the now $169 billion global database industry. The founder, Larry Ellison, introduced the first commercially available Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) to the world in 1979.

With over 135,000 staff, Blockchain Partners has been introducing an emerging new distributed database technology, Blockchain, to hundreds of managers, sales staff, and technologists since 2017.

Dr. Seberino gives deep insight into Blockchain Technology while Kastelein focuses on the Business of Blockchain and its impact on numerous industries including supply chain, healthcare, entertainment, loyalty programmes, gaming, and the use of crypto-economics in creating new liquidity.

The two work together and teach anywhere from ten to fifty students from Singapore to San Francisco, Berlin to Buenos Aires. It’s more than a slideshow, they interact with the classes using mining simulations games to teach Proof of Work, set up everyone with crypto wallets and let them send cryptocurrency between each other and more. There is a dialogue using both voices and chat to fill the virtual space with questions as well as answers, coming both teachers and other students.

Using WebEx technology, the team from Blockchain Partners and the Oracle staff work remotely, saving time, expenses and erasing some of the carbon footprints from in-person live sessions. Unlike a taped recording, doing it live helps make sure that everyone, by the end of four hours, understands not just what blockchain can do, but how it works. We guide them through it, not only as teachers, but other students with more technical ability often help those with less as well.

Christian Seberino Ph.D.

Professor, Physicist, Teacher, Developer, Ex NSA Cryptographer, Blockchain Instructor

Christian Seberino - Blockchain Instructor

From Blockchain 101, at the most basic level – to developer-level blockchain masterclasses, Dr Seberino has not only taught classes to hundreds of staff-members from major multinational tech companies remotely from the comfort of his home – he has travelled to China, Dubai and other countries to share his knowledge in live two day seminars. Dr Seberino earned his PhD in physics at the University of California at San Diego. Aside from Blockchain Technology, he is also a lecturer at Sam Houston State University in Texas, USA.

With his unique brand of teaching which includes the practical combined with theory, he is a popular educator with the students, made clear by constant good feedback in post-class surveys from hundreds of students. He’s worked with the NSA on classified cryptography projects as well as in industry including Qualcomm on the Android operating system. But he likes to dabble in code development as calls himself an all-around math guy.

Richard Kastelein

Publisher, Writer, Marketer, Entrepreneur, Creative Technologist, Blockchain Instructor

Richard Kastelein - Blockchain Instructor

Richard Kastelein brings the commercial world to the study of Blockchain and Tokenomics, bringing his knowledge of how companies and startups are using blockchain and new cryptographic technologies to build new communities, enterprises, and non-profits. And how they are new liquidity by utilising crypto-economics in their projects.  He has been the publisher of Blockchain News since 2015 and brings the latest fascinating and varied uses of Blockchain in both the startup world and enterprise sector that cross his editorial desk at Blockchain News. A former startup judge for government innovation funding programmes in the EU and UK, he has spoken (keynotes and panels) on Blockchain at events in Amsterdam, Antwerp, Barcelona, Beijing, Brussels, Bucharest, Dubai, Eindhoven, Gdansk, Groningen, the Hague, Helsinki, Kuwait, Linz, London, Manchester, Minsk, Nairobi, Nanchang, Penang, Phuket, Prague, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Shanghai, Singapore, Tel Aviv, Utrecht, Venice, Visakhapatnam and Zurich.  Kastelein has worked as an advisor and co-founder on a range of projects from Hollywood and hackers to Bollywood and billionaires. He has been providing students with a strong narrative in unveiling this emerging, important and fascinating industry to students. Kastelein has also written on blockchain for Harvard Business Review and Venturebeat.


“As someone that doesn’t know blockchain, this was a great starting point.”
Just the right amount of information, I was not bored and thinking about theories was fun!
They brought in many aspects of Blockchain very nicely, Definitely very enlightening.

He gave (a) lot of examples and stories. His explanation was simple.
Clear explanation with great analogies to things we understand which was great!
I was able to meet quite a few people through the applications and they were good activities.

“We have worked with the world’s largest database company (over 100,000 staff) since 2016

educating over 1000 of their staff in live, remote four-hour modules using Webex technology.

With up to 50 students in each class, the company has been able to train their middle

management and sales teams on the basics of blockchain as well as offer them advanced

courses from our team.”

What we Teach



Dr. Christian Seberino Course Outline

Introduction to Blockchain

  • Definition Including Permissioned & Permissionless Blockchains
  • Applications To Several Industries & Anti-Use Cases
  • Technical Details Including Transactions, Blocks, Chains, Proof Of Work & Mining
  • Examples


  • Definition & History
  • Relation To Money
  • Fundamentals Of Money
  • Applications
  • Examples Including Alternatives


  • Definition & Major Use Cases
  • Hashes Including SHA3 & Keccek256,
  • Private & Public Keys Including ECDSA & RSA
  • Examples

Smart Contracts

  • Definition Including History
  • Applications & Dapps
  • Solidity
  • Examples


  • Definition & History
  • Technical Details Including Blockchain, Ether, Gas & Smart Contracts
  • Applications Including Swarm, Whisper & Oracles
  • Examples


  • Definition & History
  • Fabric, Sawtooth & Iroha Blockchains
  • Applications Including Burrow, Indy, Quilt, Cello & Composer
  • Examples


  • Security Concerns Including Hardware Wallets & 51% Attacks
  • Quantum Computers
  • Writing Secure Smart Contracts
  • Examples

The Future

  • Legal Issues & Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs)
  • Governance Issues
  • Scalability Issues & Internet Of Things
  • Examples

Richard Kastelein Course Outline

Detangling the Mystery of Cryptocurrency

  • Pre Bitcoin Digital Currencies
  • Birth of Blockchain
  • The mystery of Satoshi
  • Issues with Decentralisation


  • Understanding the different types of tokens
  • Utility
  • Security
  • Currency
  • Store of Value

Decentralising Businesses

  • Open Source Roots versus Proprietary Future
  • Network Value Derived from Tokenomics and Utility Rather than Traditional Economics
  • The Corporation versus the Foundation Models
  • Ostronomics
  • Examples

Creating New Liquidity

  • The history of Token Sales
  • The Evolution
  • The Death of the ICO? Death of the IEO?
  • Examples

Regulatory Issues, How Much is Too Little? Or Too Much?

  • The View of Cryptoanarchists
  • The View of Open Source Ideologues
  • The View of Investors
  • The View of Regulators
  • Regulations in Europe, Asia and North America
  • Global governance?
  • Examples

Tokenomics and Mechanism Design

  • What is Tokenomics?
  • What is Mechanism Design in Relation to Token Architecture?
  • Utility and Security Hybrid Tokens – The Future?
  • Good and Bad Token Designs
  • Examples

Exchanges and Market Making

  • What Makes Markets Work?
  • Decentralised versus Centralised Exchanges.
  • Examples

The Future

  • Where are we going next?
  • Examples
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